Making Yourself Valuable

valuableWe all want the best things in our lives.

We want that perfect, well-paying job that lets us be creative, autonomous and do what we love. We want those millions of followers on Instagram. And we want that perfect partner who is not only good looking and smart, but also rich, funny, talented and great in bed.

Of course, these things are rare and valuable. So of course everyone wants these things in their lives.

But have you ever asked yourself; why in the seven hells should you get any of those rare and valuable things? There are a billion people like you out there competing for these same things – what makes you so different that you should be rewarded with the best the world has to offer?

I know, I know; we’ve all convinced ourselves that we’re perfect and that we should get everything we want from life simply because we’re unique little snowflakes who are special in our own little ways.

But then again, so is everyone else. I mean, let’s look at this from the other perspective.

Let’s say you’re the owner of a big corporation, and you need to hire someone for an extremely well-paying, fun position that also happens to allow for a lot of autonomy and creativity in the job.

Now who are you going to hire? You know that half the god damn world would love to have the job you’re offering. You’re offering something rare and valuable, and you have your pick of literally anyone.

Obviously, you’re going to pick a person who has a lot of rare and valuable traits to give in return – say, a master’s degree in such and such fields, a history of being trustworthy, and a track record of brilliant innovations.

That rare and valuable job won’t go to your random office worker who has done nothing to distinguish himself from the crowd. It will go to a rare and valuable employee who has something to offer in return.

And let’s say you were that perfect partner we all dream of. You’re hot, you’re rich, you’re talented, you’re famous and you play the guitar like a god damn legend. Are you really going to settle for someone who has nothing to bring to the table other than, say, “being a nice person”?

I mean, let’s face it; rare and valuable things go to rare and valuable people. Actually, let’s go ahead and repeat that so it sticks;

Rare and valuable things go to rare and valuable people.

Making Yourself Rare and Valuable

At this point, we have probably lost about half the readers. And I don’t blame them, this is an uncomfortable truth. Odds are, they’ve fallen back to that good old defense mechanism of “fuck you, I’m perfect the way I am and shouldn’t have to change for anyone!”

That’s nice.

That leaves those of us who are actually willing to improve ourselves and our lives in order to get what we want. Because if we want that awesome thing, we have to learn how to offer something awesome in return.

Great skills and knowledge in exchange for that sweet job.

Awesome musical skills in exchange for that record contract.

The chiseled body of a Greek god in exchange for that once-in-a-lifetime modeling gig.

Because if these rare and valuable things can go to anyone in the world, why the hell would they go to someone who is “perfect the way he is, and shouldn’t change for anyone”?

No, your only option is to get out there and make yourself rare and valuable as well.

Learn your skills. Build that kickass body. Hone your talents. Make yourself trustworthy. Learn to play the piano. Start a YouTube vlog.

Do something!

This is what my 2017 is going to be all about; making myself more valuable to the world. It’s why I’m reading 52 books. It’s why I’m hitting the gym every day. It’s why I’m training my discipline. It’s why I’m learning German and French. It’s why I’ve started a YouTube channel.

Because if I can learn to offer the world something rare and valuable, then (and only then) do I have the right to demand something rare and valuable in return.

Now, what’s your plan for becoming more valuable to the world?

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