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Let’s Talk 2017.

2017-mathias-ostlundSo far on this blog, I’ve written primarily about my current thoughts and goings-on, whatever those may be at the time. But for the most part, I haven’t shared much at all in terms of future plans.

But let’s change that, and take a look at what 2017 will bring in the life of Matt.

I guess you could consider this post my New Year’s resolutions of sorts – as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s.

2017 – The Year of Habits

In short, I have some big ass plans for 2017. To begin with, I hope to implement some major life changes in the areas of fitness, health, discipline and productivity, as well as drastically improving my learning process.

Basically, I plan to expand on my long-standing goals of becoming the best, most awesome version of myself I can possibly be – in every area of my life.

But more on that later. First, let’s take a look at the business end of 2017; (more…)

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How to Master Almost Any Skill as a Byproduct of Your Life

skills as byproduct

Have you ever watched a world-class athlete, musician or craftsman of any kind and wished that you were that great at something?

Too bad it takes such an extreme amount of time and effort to achieve such a level of skill. Pushing those 10’000 hours of practice into your daily life is just impossible!

But what if there was an easier way to reach world-class proficiency in a skill? One that didn’t require squeezing in countless hours of practice into your already dense schedule?

What if there was a way to turn learning a skill into a byproduct of your already existing activities?

Fortunately, there is. And it’s a fairly simple way, too; All you have to do is make a few slight modifications to the activities you’re already doing – and then let time and compounding do the rest.

Take, for instance, your job.

Maybe you’ve heard this hypothetical question before; would you rather stare into a wall for 8 hours every day and get paid a shitload of money, or do something you really love while barely scraping by?

This question is designed to highlight our tendency to choose money over what we love. Greed vs. fun. Security vs. passion.

But I’d argue that this dilemma also raises a more interesting question; which option is really best for you in the long run?

Sure, in the first case, you’d earn a ton of money, which would give you a degree of financial security. But that’s also all you’d get out of it. You would stand there five, ten, twenty years from now, and all you could show for the countless hours you put in is your money.

In the second case, however, you’d be spending thousands of hours every year practicing your favorite craft – and perfecting the skills that go along with it. And given that your average full-time job adds up to about 2000 hours a year, you’d reach those 10’000 hours needed for mastering a skill in just five years (and those 10’000 hours won’t just land you at “really good” either – we’re talking world-class expertise at this point).

So after a five-year period, you could either have nothing but the money from case one – or you could have become a world-class professional in a highly valuable skill.

This dilemma, while only hypothetical, is a great example of how the things you’re already spending time on could end up giving you those awesome skills you’ve always wanted. And it all comes down to the choices you make early on. (more…)

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Making the Shift Towards Self-Optimization

self-optimizationWith 2015 coming to an end, it’s tempting to look back and see just how much of this past year was a complete waste. Hundreds of hours spent mindlessly browsing the internet, playing video games and lazying about in bed in the morning.

At the end of the year, one thing becomes clear: all that time spent on these activities amounted to absolutely nothing.

But while I’ve certainly wasted a shit ton of time this year, I have taken one crucial step towards reducing this waste. You see, for some time now, I’ve tried to live my life by a single focus.

This focus is what drove me to quit my unrewarding job, study business and psychology, learn multiple languages, and improve my writing. It’s what pushed me to fight my bad habits and streamline my physical training.

It’s also what drove me to start this blog in the first place.

That focus is self-optimization.

Because at the end of the day, there’s only one thing you can count on keeping: your self. Your knowledge, your skills, your mindsets, your habits – these are the things that make up who you are, and they are the only thing that will always be with you.

That’s why, during these last few years, I’ve made it a point to shift my focus towards self-optimization – to change up my daily habits so that they are at least providing some form of value for me in the long run. (more…)

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What I Learned Giving up Everything Fun for a Month

mathias ostlund

Last week I wrote an article about the socially acceptable addictions that have become the norm of our society. As a part of my ongoing project of self-optimization, I have made it my goal to rid myself of as many of these addictions as possible.

Therefore, I decided to do more than just “no-shave” November this year, and also abstain from any and all addictions I might have, be they of a caffeine, refined sugar, or Facebook variety.

So, for this month-long experiment of “no-fun” November, I vowed to give up all sweets, coffee, video games, lazy internet-browsing (including social media), snacks of any kind and visits to certain, hrm, gentlemanly websites and their correlating activities.

Basically, I gave up all the habits that I judged to be unhealthy, unnecessary or just a plain waste of time.

And what I got were some pretty interesting results. (more…)

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Some Thoughts on Socially Acceptable Addictions

addictionOur society certainly has a funny relationship with addictions.

On one hand, it goes out of its way to condemn any form of addiction that goes against the social norm, but on the other hand it tends to advocate the addictions that are deemed “okay” by society.

Hell, it even penalizes those who choose to break the socially acceptable addictions – we view the ones who refuse to drink as boring stiffs, and we look down on those who give up sugar in their diet as weird and/or annoying deviants.

And may god help you if you don’t partake in the daily rituals of caffeine injection!

By society’s standards, we’re allowed, and even expected, to have a number of addictions, so long as they are socially approved.

Addicted to sugary sweets? That’s fine, who isn’t? Can’t stop smoking a pack a day? No worries, quitting is hard! Can’t stop playing Call of Duty for hours on end every day? That’s cool, you’re just a bro!

Hell, even an alcohol addiction is commonly portrayed as perfectly natural, so long as you can “handle it”.

But regardless of whether or not your chosen addictions are approved by society, have you ever considered just how much they are actually costing you? (more…)

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