Life, and Why You Have no Idea What to do With it

Imagine that you have yet to be born.

You’re just a disembodied soul, floating around in the sky, looking out over the world. As the days go by, you watch all the billions of people down on Earth going about their lives; working, playing, eating, struggling and succeeding with whatever it is they’re doing.

As a bodiless spirit, you can’t help but feel a touch of envy as you look at all these people who get to enjoy life. It just looks so amazing to chase after your goals, feel the grass under your feet, sink your teeth into a perfectly ripe apple, or get naked with your favorite person.

These all seem like fun things to try.

Then one day, you learn that there is going to be a competition for all the disembodied souls – and the grand prize will be to go down to Earth and have a shot at this “life” thing.

Thrilled, you immediately get in line to apply for the competition, desperately wishing that you will be one of the lucky winners to be sent down to Earth.

Before you get to enter the competition, however, the people in charge want to make sure you won’t just waste your shot at life if you win it. So they set up an interview, where all you have to do is answer the following question;

If you got a shot at life, what amazing things would you do with it?

The people ahead of you all seem to have the best answers, confidently saying things like; “I would chase my dream to become rich and famous,“ “I would live my life to the fullest and make sure I made the most out of every second,” or “I would devote my life toward making the world just a little bit better for everyone.”

Then you get called in to the interview, and you’re asked the same question; “if you won the contest and were given a shot at life, what would you do with it?”

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Now, if you were the one in charge of deciding who gets a chance to go to Earth, what are the odds that you would choose this person? Odds are, you’d tell him that he will never be given a life, because he wouldn’t even know what to do with it.

Do You Even Know What to do With it?

But let’s say you managed to get through that interview somehow, and were allowed to join the competition. Now all you need to do is win the big swimming race against a few million other competitors, and you will get to be born and enjoy all the wonders of being alive.

And against all odds, you actually end up winning. You get to live, while all the other competitors get sent back to the spirit world, sulking over the fact that they never got to enjoy life.

Now obviously, these spirits are going to be pretty damn interested in seeing how the lucky winner actually ended up using his great prize, so they spend the next eighty years or so floating around you, watching your every move.

What do you think they would say about you, and the way you ended up using the life you won?

Would they say “Oh cool, he sure is making the most out of life!” or “Ah, he’s spending his time helping other people – neat!” or “Oh, he’s not doing so great, but at least he’s enjoying himself and having a great time!”

Or would they continually burst out a unanimous “Oh come on! How come he got the shot at life, he doesn’t even know what to do with it!”


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  1. I think we’re in a simulation, and people outside the game check in on us, and some of us have fans. I’d like to think that I have a cult following :)

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