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As most readers of this blog have probably figured out, I’m a guy who loves to travel. You might actually go as far as to say that going on adventures is my favorite thing in the whole world.

Well, that brings us to the obvious question; why am I not out travelling right now?

And that’s a very good question, seeing how a big part of this blog is devoted to chasing your dreams and living your passion. And obviously, I still stand by that message.

That being said, what most of us tend to forget is that chasing your dreams is a long-term game – and sometimes, we just need to sit back and accept that right this second might not be the best time to go chasing head-first after those dreams.

Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax, and do the boring stuff that will set you up for that sweet, sweet dream-chasing later on.

I know, I know, I know – that’s not a very sexy thing to say. It doesn’t vibe with the follow-your-passion-and-live-your-dream-RIGHT-NOW kind of advice you seem to hear everywhere these days.

But it’s the uncomfortable truth. Sometimes you just need to face reality and accept that right this second might not be the best time to live your passion. Sometimes, running headfirst after your dreams might just end up hurting your chances of doing so in the future.

Let me ‘splain.

Obviously, I would very much like to be out travelling the world right now. That’s the dream – and some day, I will live it.

HOWEVER, I also recognize that I’ve been given a job opportunity right now which – although it’s stopping me from travelling the world right this second – greatly increases my potential for doing so in the future.

See, this opportunity is temporary, and I am not likely to ever find something like it again. So for me, it makes way more sense to make the most out of this opportunity than to “embrace my passion” and chase head-first after my dream of travelling the world.

Sure, I could quit this job right now and go travelling for a year, no problem. But if I postpone that dream, and see this opportunity through, I am very likely to be able to travel the world for a decade or more without having to stop.

Seems like a simple choice to me.


Why Running Headfirst After Your Dreams Might be a bad Idea


Alright, so why am I going on about this? This kind of message is obviously not what most people want to hear.

Well, as un-sexy as this post might be, I feel like it is something a lot of people need to hear. It’s certainly something I wish I’d heard a while back.

See, since we’re constantly bombarded with that feel-good message of “chase your dreams, man! You’ll regret it if you don’t!” it’s easy to convince ourselves that we only have two choices; either we chase our dreams, or we live a lie and waste our lives.

And this usually leads to one of two outcomes; A) You DO end up chasing your dreams (which, if you’re forcing it when you’re not ready, is often likely to end in disaster), or B) You end up suffocating from the guilt of NOT chasing your dreams.

Well this post is here to tell you that it’s not an either-or situation. Just because you’re not currently out chasing those dreams doesn’t mean you’re giving up on them. It’s okay to sit back, take a deep breath, and acknowledge that today is not the day you head out on that great adventure.

And sometimes, that’s okay.

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  1. Good luck with the new opportunity … hope 2017 is good to you!

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