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WasteLessNormally, this blog is strictly dedicated to self-optimization on a personal level. I usually stick to topics like optimizing your skills, developing mindsets and breaking the status quo.

But today, I’m going to take a break from that and talk about self-optimization in a broader sense. Because ultimately, in order to truly optimize yourself and your life to the fullest, you need to also target the world around you. Think of it more like societal optimization, if you will.

This concept requires us to step outside of ourselves, and look at how we can influence (and improve) the world around us. How can we make sure that our existence ends up having a net positive impact on the world?

Of course, depending on your specific situation in life, the impact you can have will vary. Some people strive to put an end to poverty, or make humanity an inter-planetary species. But seeing how we can’t all be Bill Gates or Elon Musk, most of us have to settle for smaller feats, like helping our friends and family, recycling our trash or taking part in a local charity.

The point is simply to have the biggest positive impact we can – with the means available to us.

And for me personally, I think I’ve found a way to increase the size of that impact – and actually make sure that I do something positive for the world.

Introducing; my new business.

See, in today’s society, we’re producing a ton of waste – shocker, right? What’s even more shocking though is that, as it turns out, all this waste is pretty bad for the environment. So I figured, if I’m going to start a business, why not start one that’s actually tackling this problem?

And so, WasteLess Scandinavia was born.

WasteLess – the Zero Waste shop of Sweden

When we think about all the waste we produce around the world, it becomes obvious where the majority of this waste comes from; our food shopping.

And I’m not talking just food waste here – that’s actually a comparatively small problem. I’m talking about the millions of tons of plastic, paper and metal packaging that comes along with that food – most of which ends up straight in the trash can (or, best case scenario, the recycling bin).

Historically, there hasn’t exactly been much we can do about this. We all need food, and for most people, there is no way to get that food without a ton of unnecessary packaging.

But that’s where WasteLess comes in. Being a Zero Waste shop, WasteLess wants to offer its customers the option of buying their food in bulk, free from any unnecessary packaging and waste. And the kicker? Only reusable containers allowed – either ones people brought from home, or ones they bought in the store.

Of course, I can’t exactly take credit for this idea – Zero Waste shops have been popping up all around the world in the last couple of years. But, for some reason, we haven’t really seen any in Sweden.

So, spotting a hole in the market – and an opportunity to do something good for the world – I’ve decided to open the first Zero Waste shop in Stockholm, Sweden. Hopefully, this will allow me to increase my positive impact on the world around me.

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