What is Your Master Plan?

master plan

Imagine for a second that you had a plan.

And no, I’m not talking about a plan to lose weight, or save money for a new TV. I’m talking a master plan – the kind of plan a Bond-villain would be proud of. A plan that spans your entire life; that provides the motivation for everything you do, and coordinates your everyday goals and actions toward a single end-goal.

The kind of plan that gives you clarity in your daily decisions and keeps you on track to getting exactly what you want out of life.

Well, what’s your Great Plan? Do you even have one? Or are your everyday actions just a series of random distractions, constantly pulling you in whatever direction the moment demands of you?

The Lack of a Master Plan

In your everyday life, you probably have a number of short-term plans. Maybe you have a plan for your upcoming vacations, or for reaching your ideal weight, or maybe you even have a plan for advancing in your career.

But then what? Once you’ve fulfilled these plans of yours, what do you intend to do with the results? What good will having a perfect six-pack, or a million dollars in your bank account do you if you have no idea what to do with it once you’ve achieved it?

Are these goals of yours even consistent with each other, or are they pulling you in completely different directions in the first place?

Too often do we make the mistake of thinking “If only I could reach this goal, then everything would be perfect.” We think that once we’ve lost X amount of weight, earned Y amount of money, or done Z amount of work, our lives will be complete, and we can just cruise lazily through the rest of our years.

Except, once we actually reach those goals, some other distraction will come along and pull us away in a completely different direction. And if we have no greater plan about where we’re going in life, what is there to stop us from running around in circles indefinitely?

Ask yourself; Are your everyday goals coordinated through a greater life plan, or are they just random distractions to keep you busy?

Sure, you probably have some vague long-term plans like “get really rich,” or “travel the world,” or why not the fan favorite “become happy.”

But if you don’t have a detailed idea for where you want to go in life, how do you ever intend to get there?

Well, That’s where a Master Plan comes in.

A master plan is a unifying vision for your life, that serves to coordinate your efforts and direct your everyday actions toward a greater, underlying goal. Without such a plan, your daily actions and decisions will randomly pull you in one direction after the other, ultimately getting your nowhere.

Without a plan, you’re living a reactive life rather than a proactive one. You spend your days reacting to whatever is going on around you, constantly chasing that new shiny thing that happened to appear in front of you. You’re permitting external forces to control where you end up in life, instead of controlling the situation yourself.

Without a plan, you’re essentially a slave to your circumstances.

The Master Plan – Controlling Where You’re Going

But let’s say you actually took the time to develop a master plan for yourself. Let’s say you sat down and devised a plan for exactly where you want to go in life. How would that change your life?

Let’s say you create a master plan that involves enjoying life as much as you possibly can while you’re still alive. That would be your ultimate, never-ending goal to always strive for. It would keep you on track to where you want to go in life, and it would limit the influence of outside forces on your life.

Whenever your surroundings would try to pull you in a new direction, you could always consort your Plan and see if it would be in line with your ultimate goal.

Would accepting that stressful but well-payed job help you in your goal to enjoy life, or would you enjoy it more if you stuck with the old job you liked? Would you enjoy it more if you traveled the world or stayed at home? And would getting into shape improve your everyday life, or would you be happier not spending several hours a week at the gym?

By having such a master plan for your life, you would have much better clarity when it comes to making tough decisions. You could simply compare all the options with your plan, and see which course of action would bring you closer to your end-goal.

And by developing a master plan for yourself, you would no longer be chasing random goals for the sake of achieving them – you would be treating every goal as a stepping stone; a necessary component in fulfilling your Master Plan.

So, what is your Master Plan for life? And if you haven’t designed one yet, what would it look like if you did?

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  1. Hey Mathias,

    Another wonderful piece of writing. I do have the master plan which has room to move and deviate of the path and come back to it. I want my master plan to be flexible so that I travel and then be stable. I can take a six to 12 week improvisation course. I can start a garden and work within the community and the only commitment I have for the rest of my life is one post a week.

    That is not flexible. Whatever goes on in life I can drop most things, but I must keep to one post a week and I don’t think that is asking too much of myself. Instead of working anywhere from 12 to 15 hours a day, I want to do six.

    I have the big plan, cut down into six monthly projects for the next two years, then I have daily routines and three monthly reflections with a week off every six months. While I am setting myself up to actually live my six hour days – I have a plan for nearly every waking hour.

    I love the idea of knowing where I am going and then being completely spontaneous and that is how I want to live it. Thanks for great food for thought. I really enjoyed it.


    P.S – I am always happy when I am working on my project as it is only three months since I found the most challenging and rewarding job in my life.

    1. Hey Rachel, thanks for commenting!

      It’s always nice to see someone with such a detailed, yet flexible plan as yours! Like you say, a master plan shouldn’t be too restrictive, since that can end up making your life stagnant. Instead, your master plan should be treated more like a vision – an underlying direction to keep your smaller goals in accordance with.

      Thanks for sharing your master plan!

  2. Great article Mathias.

    Having a plan to create the life you want and makes you happy is really important.

    As Rachel said, felixibility is key, simply because some things wont work and you need to change your actions to be more productive and successful.



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